The pack shot process consists of cleaning and preparing metal parts for painting.

To carry out the process, angular steel shot is used as an abrasive material, which is recycled many times, since its particles are easily broken and new shot is added to the facility to maintain the best possible mixture for use in the pack shot process.

The method used for projecting is pressurised air produced by a compressor and the mode is by dry blasting in booths. This method permits a microclimate of controlled conditions to be established, which is suitable for carrying out the work.

Pack shot facilities::

  • 2 Cabinas 4,5m Al x 4,5m An x 8m long
  • 1 Cabina 6m Al x 6m An x 35m long
  • Tratamientos Algoi - Poligono Ibarrea, sn- 31800 Alsasua (Navarre)
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